LAWCORP .s.r.o.
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The provision of legal services represents a specific area of business characterized by the necessity for a sophisticated approach and a high degree of trust between the client and the legal services provider. Legal complexities and the complicated structure of business transactions place ever higher requirements on legal counselling. Nonetheless, in the Slovak environment there are cases in which the standard of provided legal services is unsatisfactory, with low quality which does not reflect its cost. The ineffectiveness or meaningless complexity of legal solutions and the non-flexible work increase the demands on time and finances of business transactions, which consequently has a negative impact upon business.

The LAWCORP, s.r.o. law firm entered the legal services market with the aim to redefine the standard of legal services provision and the ambition to become a relevant player on the field of legal advising in the region of Central and Eastern Europe. The main principle in achieving these goals is the provision of legal services of above - average quality with an accent on efficiency and simplicity. Team work and reflection of the practical needs of the client guarantee the reliability of our legal solutions and their impeccable implementation into real life.